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About Me


As former Matre d'Hotel on ITV's prime-time reality show Hells Kitchen and co-presenting Masterchef Ireland, I've been lucky to have worked with some of the restaurant greats!

My early career journey started with the Roux Brothers many years ago, then working alongside Marco Pierre White, at several high profile London establishments.

I have owned and operated fine dining restaurants, all the while creating abstract art in my home studio!  When the pandemic struck and the restaurant trade collapsed, I decide to invest 100% of my time into my primary lifelong passion! I now have a purpose built studio, where I spend 10 hours each day!

A lot of love flows into my artwork. I think that is why abstract art in general appeals to me so much, because the outcome is not fixed during the creative process. Painting allows me to escape from the world. I draw inspiration from many everyday visuals, colours, music, places and people. I've been lucky to have travelled extensively over the years.

I exhibit my works mainly around the UK and EU, and occasionally travel to the US and worldwide. I have also partnered with global art galleries and platforms, including Saatchi Art, Art Placer and Signature Art. I focus on my own pieces and collections, as well as creating bespoke works for private/commercial collectors and designers.

My current collection is listed for sale within the website shop.  I am continually producing new works, which I will add to the site. Please contact me if you are interested in discussing working with me on bespoke design ideas, or commissioned works.

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